Second Home Meets First Home

March 4, 2021

We have made it back to Golden, Colorado! We are now parked along the side of the house, blocking part of the driveway.

Parked by the House

There was a stunning sunrise this morning and the blue skies we had most of the way, have turned to grey. We left the campground just after 8 AM to avoid the rush hour traffic on I-70. Our timing worked great and we avoid the traffic, plus we made it home before the rain.

It was wonderful to see the mountains and the giant caterpillar that is DIA. I only got a glimpse of the airport, or I would’ve taken a picture. We saw several planes coming for landings from the south.

I really enjoyed staying in the RV last night, since Bruce figured out how to make the furnace work. It was nice and toasty in the RV. The first night we camped, we were using the heat pump and the little heater in the bedroom. I would wake up cold and find Bruce had pulled all the covers over to him!

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