Getting Hitched

March 1, 2021 The hitch wasn’t high enough, so the guys at Couch’s RV Nation adjusted the hitch with Bruce helping. We did a quick walk through the RV and got the camera display and the tire pressure monitor system from inside the RV. The tech from Couch’s helped us get the camera display working. […]

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Splashing Through Missouri

February 27, 2021 We are stopping for the night in Saint Peters just outside of Saint Louis. Here are some rather pictures, some better than others! In Missouri, it started raining on us on and off and then constantly for the last 45 minutes of the drive. We’ve made it 840 miles in one day.

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Rolling Through Kansas

February 27, 221 I didn’t get a picture of the Leaving Colorful Colorado or the Welcome to Kansas or Entering Central Time Zone. Here are some pictures of a rest area, farm, and windmills. I am going to see what else I spot. I have seen several hawks flying and perched. We are now in […]

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There and Back Again

February 13, 2021 Our plan was to leave on Sunday to pick up our new our RV on Tuesday, if the inspection went well on Monday. We allowed ourselves some additional time in case the inspector found something that had to be fixed. We left Golden, Colorado at 7:40 AM. The sky was blue and […]

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We Did It! We Own an RV!

February 9, 2021 We now own an RV! We had an appointment at Couch’s RV Nation in Trenton, OH this morning at 10 o’clock. We got there a little early, but they were ready for us. We did a walk though of the RV. It was just as beautiful as I had hoped! With the […]

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Results from the RV Inspector

February 8, 2021 The RV inspector finished his inspection and called us to let us know the results. He was very impressed with how few issues the Riverstone had. He did find some things on the exterior of the RV, which he told Bruce about on the call. On the exterior, he found one of […]

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Finding an RV Inspector

January 30, 2021 I have never purchased a house without having it inspected and after the horror stories about new houses in Highlands Ranch, CO, I won’t buy any home without having it inspected. (The story that gives me nightmares is the one that the homeowners finally figured out the stench that was permeating their […]

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Found the RV in Trenton, OH

January 27, 2021 It turns out that Riverstone is no longer making the 39FKTH; they have a new model, the 42FSKG. While Bruce and I were on the fence between new and used, finding a used RV was turning out harder than we had hoped. This pushed us more in the new direction. I started […]

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Back from Renting a RV

October 1, 2020 I was told I need to take some time off by October 3rd or my paid time off would stop accumulating. I decided to combine taking September 28th (Monday) to September 30th (Wednesday) with the weekend of September 26th to have a five day mini-vacation. Bruce and I spent some time discussing […]

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