Getting Hitched

March 1, 2021

The hitch wasn’t high enough, so the guys at Couch’s RV Nation adjusted the hitch with Bruce helping.

We did a quick walk through the RV and got the camera display and the tire pressure monitor system from inside the RV. The tech from Couch’s helped us get the camera display working. Taking a deep breath, Bruce asked, “are we ready to do this?” My answer was an excited yes!

We are now on our way back to Colorado, pulling our new home. The truck manual said to keep the first 500 miles to 50 miles per hour or under. Cars are flying past us and it feels like are moving so slow.

We can feel the RV as we pull it, but the MORryde independent suspension on the RV is already proving to be a great choice. We had to go over some railroad tracks and we didn’t feel any jarring. The bumps are really smoothed out.

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