Back from Renting a RV

October 1, 2020

I was told I need to take some time off by October 3rd or my paid time off would stop accumulating. I decided to combine taking September 28th (Monday) to September 30th (Wednesday) with the weekend of September 26th to have a five day mini-vacation.

Bruce and I spent some time discussing where we might go and what we might do. I suggested going to Moab, Utah to see Arches National Park. Bruce liked the idea.

He suggested that we do something different, instead of staying in a hotel. I started looking for fun places to stay. Under Canvas sounded like it would be a great experience. It was sold out. The yurt camping was fully booked. The ranch cabins were also booked.

I found a site that claimed it would let me book an RV. Every time I picked an RV, I got the 404 page not found error. I finally told Bruce that we were probably going to have to stay in a hotel or motel, but I might be able to find an apartment. When I was looking at apartments, what did appear, but an RV. I grabbed it!

We stayed at OK RV Park. They “have ready to use ‘glamping options’ for those that don’t want the fuss of hauling an RV or setting up a tent. Our glamping options allow our guest to drive up and immediately enjoy the benefits of staying in an RV or Tent.”

Oh, Nox had to stay home. Dogs weren’t allowed in the rental RVs. Dogs were allowed in the park, in your own RV. Nox had a great time with my daughter dog sitting her.

Check in was on September 26th, starting from 4:00 PM. I set our check in time from between 4:00 PM and 5:00 PM. They asked customers to provide their expected arrival time within an hour due to COVID. Check out was September 30th by 11:00 AM.

The RV was a Jayco bunkhouse. While this is not close to what we plan to purchase, we got a chance to try out the common RV things, such as the bathroom and stove. We also confirmed somethings. We really need to have the TV across from the seating. I want a larger kitchen, as I was moving things all the time as I was cooking. I say “respect” to anyone who cooks great meals in small kitchens.

We determined we really do want a larger RV when we go full time RVing.

7 thoughts on “Back from Renting a RV

  1. Fun idea to stay in a rental RV. Our daughter worked at Under Canvas at Zion for a couple of months last fall, so we stayed there for a couple of nights while on a trip out west. It was my idea of camping!

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    1. Nox says to tell Max, “Thank you”. She wanted to come with us and was really disappointed that she couldn’t come along. She didn’t mind as much when she found out that our daughter was going to keep her in treats.


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