Found the RV in Trenton, OH

January 27, 2021

It turns out that Riverstone is no longer making the 39FKTH; they have a new model, the 42FSKG.

While Bruce and I were on the fence between new and used, finding a used RV was turning out harder than we had hoped. This pushed us more in the new direction.

I started looking at the Riverstone 42FSKG model to see what features it had. They put in a small 4 burner residential style stove in the island and moved the sink to where the stove had been on the slide. The stove even has a hood now. They removed one of the sofas and replaced it with a desk.

All of these changes are positive things to me!

I checked out Coach’s RV Nation, since Bob and Barb of, from one of YouTube channels we follow, recommend them.

Coach’s told me it would be August before a custom ordered RV would be in. I then asked if they did searches to find an RV that would meet our requirements. They don’t do that, but the salesman let me know that a customer decided not to take delivery of an 42FSKG and he sent me the specs. It had almost everything we wanted. The only thing it didn’t have was the two extra solar panels.

So, I put a down payment on it for them to hold it for us. We’ll be checking it out soon and I’ll let everyone knows how it goes.

Here’s a link to the manufacture’s site with pictures:

Image Linked from the Riverstone Site

16 thoughts on “Found the RV in Trenton, OH

    1. I’ve got my fingers crossed that this is it. It was so hard to get to sleep last night due to the excitement. Nox finds the idea of being able to have plenty of baths very unpleasant, as she hates baths. She does seem to enjoy all the towel rubbing we do to get her dry.

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    1. While the fireplace looks like it is gas, it is an electric fireplace. Even in person, these electric fireplaces look like gas fireplaces and they put out a lot of heat. This RV is a condo on wheels! I love the modern look!

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  1. That looks perfect. I like that it has a desk, and a fireplace, and it seems to have everything else a person could need too. I will look forward to hearing more when you actually have it in your possesion!

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