Finding an RV Inspector

January 30, 2021

I have never purchased a house without having it inspected and after the horror stories about new houses in Highlands Ranch, CO, I won’t buy any home without having it inspected. (The story that gives me nightmares is the one that the homeowners finally figured out the stench that was permeating their home came from the sewer pipe not being hooked up and the raw sewage was not leaving their new house. Shudder!!!!)

I have read several stories about RV purchases that had major issues right off, things that the factory and RV dealership both missed in their inspections. Bruce and I have read good things about the NRVIA ( inspectors, as well as hearing some of the folks on the YouTube channels we follow mention good things.

Bruce did a search and didn’t find an inspector in Trenton, OH. While that was disappointing, it turns out the the NRVIA offers a service. They will send out your contact information to their traveling inspectors. We had two inspectors reach out to us the same day the NRVIA posted our contact information.

At this point, we have our inspector lined up and hopefully there won’t be anything major wrong with the RV and we can feel confidant that this major purchase won’t have anything major wrong with it.

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7 thoughts on “Finding an RV Inspector

  1. You’re wise to have the RV inspected closely. As all of us RV-friendly folk know, the systems of an RV are kind of unique, certainly different in lots of ways from bricks and sticks houses and are subject to the unique stresses that come from rolling your house down a highway and over bumps and such. I would expect the inspection to find a few items that need attention – never saw an RV that didn’t – but that’s nothing to be discouraged about since most are readily fixable. It’s a great idea (I’m sure you already planned this) to follow the inspector like glue and pick his/her brain about everything. Fingers crossed! 🤞

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