Results from the RV Inspector

February 8, 2021

The RV inspector finished his inspection and called us to let us know the results. He was very impressed with how few issues the Riverstone had. He did find some things on the exterior of the RV, which he told Bruce about on the call. On the exterior, he found one of the exterior lights wasn’t working, the paint was chipped by one of the bagged doors, and the top of the box surrounding the generator was bent. He didn’t find anything wrong with the interior. He couldn’t inspect the plumbing because the RV was winterized.

The dealer knew there was a problem with the light and paint already, and they were working on repairing the light while the inspector was inspecting. The inspector mentioned that the dealer had the materials out to repair the paint chip.

The inspector sent us the finished report as two PDFs, an exterior and interior report by email. We had the report this evening.

The report was a standard format and the inspector took over 100 pictures on the exterior report. He took over 100 for the interior report. In each section of the report, he included at least one picture, and in most cases, there were more pictures. He used arrows to point out the problems areas. It was very clear he did a very complete inspection.

He checked for things that we wouldn’t have any idea that we should check. The inspection gave me a great deal of peace of mind. In reading the report, we found out somethings about the RV that we hadn’t realized. We didn’t realize that it has two gray tanks or that it has a macerater.

Floor Plan from Riverstone Web Site

5 thoughts on “Results from the RV Inspector

    1. It was very easy to find my inspector. I just went to and looked for someone in Trenton, OH. They didn’t have anyone there, so I clicked on the email link to contact the organization. I sent them an email with my contact info and I should’ve included the rig details, but didn’t. Even without the rig details, I had two traveling inspectors contact me.

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