From Texas to The Great Salt Plains Lake State Park in Oklahoma

May 23, 2023

As we headed north on I-35, I saw so many wildflowers blooming. I also saw fields of oil wells. Cattle ranches and horse ranches were common sights.

We crossed into Oklahoma. I know this picture is not that great, due to the reflections on the window, so please forgive the poor quality.

The scenery in Oklahoma was very similar to Texas.

When we arrived at the Great Salt Plains Lake State Park, we went to the office. Thank goodness they had an RV turn around loop there. It was tight, but we were able to get turned around. This park is unusual in that the access to most of the campgrounds are off the public road and not from inside the park.

We got turned around and went back the way we came to the River Road Campground. The campground signs are parallel to the road, making them very hard to see until you are almost past the campgrounds.

The campground had electric and water with a dump station. Our campsite overlooked the Arkansas Salt Fork River from inside the RV. We are tall enough that we could see over the river bank. Bruce rolled up a shade and saw a Great Blue Heron stalking up the river.

We got settled in and took Nox for a walk along a paved walking trail through the woods.

Nox was happy to get out and go for a walk. We kept hearing rustling in the leaves, then we started seeing lizards. I did get some pictures of one.

Later, I looked the lizard up and discovered it was a Prairie Racerunner Lizard, which is a subspecies of the six-lined Racerunner Lizard.

I’ll do another post about some of the other things we did.

I want to thank Jeff Bell for his post on Oklahoma. His post made me want to see the Great Salt Plains Lake.

6 thoughts on “From Texas to The Great Salt Plains Lake State Park in Oklahoma

  1. Hey there! Came across your post on the WordPress feed and couldn’t resist saying hello. I’m already hooked and eagerly looking forward to more captivating posts. Can’t seem to find the follow button, haha! Guess I’ll have to bookmark your blog instead. But rest assured, I’ll be keeping an eye out for your updates!

    Thanks – TheDogGod


  2. Thanks for the link to Jeff’s posts–I can see why you wanted to visit now. Odd, but growing up just across the border from OK (“Just across” in Texas speak, of course) I have never heard of the Salt Plains. I am looking forward to your visit there now!

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    1. I haven’t meet anyone outside of the Salt Plains Lake State Park that has heard of it. It is a beautiful area and the geology is very interesting. I had thought Oklahoma was just like Kansas until I read Jeff’s post. Beth, from A Year of Kayaking, mentioned there was good camping in Oklahoma when she stopped by an visited us while we were in south Alabama.

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  3. Julia, Thanks for all the nice photos and the link to Jeff Bell’s article.  His photos are very good – I especially liked the one of Elk Mountain and Treasure Lake.  I hope you enjoy your current stay. Love, Howard

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