Heading Out from Frog City RV Park with an Overnight Harvest Host Stop

May 21, 2023

On Monday (May15), we pulled out from Frog City RV Park and head east to Lafayette, LA to head north on I-49.

We stopped at a charming rest stop. The magnolias were blooming. The Louisiana Rest Stops have been beautiful and well kept.

We also passed an area with so many water birds.

Just south of Shreveport, LA, we saw hills. This picture has some glare on it and was taken through the driver’s window, so please forgive the poor quality.

Once we made it to the outskirts of Shreveport, LA, we took the ring road to I-20 and headed towards Dallas, TX.

We stopped at the Texas Welcome Center.

The wild flowers were blooming along the roadside of Texas.

We stopped for the night just north of Dallas, TX at a Harvest Host brew pub, Boozie’s. They had a large lot we could park in and the food was delicious. The beer and service was great as well.

During the night, Bruce got up to run the generator. Once wasn’t enough. Our batteries had drained during the night to the point we couldn’t bring in the slide or the landing gear.

We ran the truck for 30 to 40 minutes to get the house batteries charged enough to start the generator. The generator quickly filled up the house batteries. Once the batteries were charged, we were able to bring in the slide and landing gear.

Bruce turned off the generator and closed up the RV. We pulled out and headed north on US 75, then turned west on US 82, and then north on I-35.

I’ll have another post about our stay in Oklahoma.

6 thoughts on “Heading Out from Frog City RV Park with an Overnight Harvest Host Stop

    1. You’re right. Running the truck to charge up the batteries is long and slow. We are planning on replacing our 2 lead acid batteries with 2 lithium batteries. The 2 lithium batteries will have more capacity than the 2 lead acid batteries that came with the rig.


      1. That’s a bummer, to have to replace batteries in a new rig. I’m surprised it’s not set up to start the generator from the truck battery. It’s so much more efficient.

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      2. I think the RV manufacture went with the most common usage for starting the generator, which is not having the truck hooked up. We usually disconnect when camping for more than 2 nights. It would be very helpful if they had a switch to allow the generator to start from the truck when the RV batteries are low.

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