Kick Dance and Then, Crying in Pain

May 14, 2023

Nox has a problem with her right front shoulder, similar to a torn ACL in a person. She was first injured by speed racing our other dog and making a tight turn when she was about two or three.

We took her into the vet as soon as it happened, as the poor little Nox just kept crying. The vet did X-rays. We were told to keep her still as much as possible for six weeks and to give her the prescription anti-inflammation pain medication. It worked and Nox was back to her normal happy self.

As Nox got older, she would have flare ups and have to take pain medication on and off. It reached the point she was on pain medicine all the time.

Fast forward to today. Nox started limping a bit last year. When we got her into the vet, they gave us an additional pain medication for her. The vets don’t want to operate on a small 14 year old dog. We were told it is very hard for the operation she needs to be successful since she is so small.

We have been giving Nox her medications and she has been doing at lot better.

I took her out for an evening walk and after her poop stop, she started to do a vigorous kick dance.

The next thing I know, Nox is crying and begging to be picked up. She got so carried away with her kick dance that she hurt her shoulder again.

I picked her up and cuddled her close, until she stopped crying. I put her down long enough to clean up after her. I then carried her back to the RV.

Bruce was upset to hear she had really hurt herself again. Nox has needed a lot of cuddles since she hurt herself. She makes it clear by asking to be picked up or requesting to sit in a lap.

We are happy to let her cuddle with us. Fortunately, she does seem to be feeling better.

Tail Wagging so Fast That It Is A Blur

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