Muffuletta Search Leads to Best Poorboys We Found in Lafayette, LA

May 16, 2023

I wanted to have a muffuletta in the Lafayette area since I love them. The muffuletta sandwich originated in New Orleans at the Central Grocery Store Co. in 1906, so getting one while in the Lafayette area was something I wanted to do.

For those who don’t know what a muffuletta is, it is a round picnic sandwich, made with the Sicilian bread called muffuletta.

The muffuletta bread is a round about 6 to 8 inches across. Covered with sesame seeds, the loaves are soft, fluffy, and about 3 to 4 inches high.

The muffuletta bread is split in half like a hamburger bun. The traditional muffuletta has several layers of Italian meat and cheese with olive salad.

While I have made muffuletta loaves and turned them into muffuletta sandwiches, it is a project.

After looking at reviews online, I decided that Olde Tyme Grocery in Lafayette sounded like a good bet.

So on Thursday (May 11), we rode the motorcycle to Lafayette to Olde Tyme Grocery. We roads through some beautiful old neighborhoods and past the School for the Deaf.

We were able to nab a parking spot right in front of the restaurant. Most of the restaurant’s parking is across the street from the building.

Our Motorcycle Through the Window and Notice the Parking Across the Street

You order at counter. You can then get chips and drinks and pay for everything at the second counter. It was a bit confusing as it was hard to tell who was in line for what. Some people were waiting for their food to go. Once you pay, you can go sit down and they will bring your food to you.

So, I stepped up to the counter and ordered a muffuletta. I was hit with disappointment when told they only make muffulettas on Mondays.

I picked a roast beef poorboy and Bruce ordered a soft shell crab poorboy and fries.

We went and sat down in the dining room to wait for our food.

The food arrived wrapped in paper. It was like unwrapping a present.

These were the best poorboys we’ve had near Frog City RV Park.

The bread was French bread from New Orleans, so good! The fries were not your typical fries. They were small red potatoes wedges, fried to perfection! Oh, sooo good! In Mississippi, we would’ve called them potato logs.

Bruce was delighted with his soft shell crab poorboy. He said it was fried just right and the shell was soft, not a tin back. The roast beef poorboy was delicious, so tender and juicy!

If we had stayed in the area longer, I would’ve had a chance to go on Monday to get a muffuletta. I hope we’ll be back through the area and get to do all the things we wanted to and couldn’t because we were sick or because of rain.

A big truck (22 feet long) would be hard find parking in this area.

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