Getting to Frog City RV Park in Dustin, LA

April 18, 2023

On Saturday (April 15), we got up and took Nox for a walk. We closed up the RV and left our overnight Harvest Host spot around 9:15 am.

We easily pulled back onto west I-10 and headed to Louisiana. We had a small amount of rainfall as we drove through Mississippi.

Jourdan River in Mississippi

We crossed the Pearl River into Louisiana.

We split off from I-10 and took I-12 north of Lake Pontchartrain. I-12 joined back with I-10 at Baton Rouge. The rain started pouring down and we crawled through Baton Rouge with our hazard lights flashing. Lightning flashed and thunder roared as we slowly rolled forward towards the mighty Mississippi River.

We drove through and past the storm and reached the west side of Baton Rouge.

We continued along the causeway through the Atchafalaya River basin. There was a rest area and we pulled off to recover from driving through the intense thunderstorm.

This rest area is divided into a truck rest area and another rest area for everything else. We pulled into the truck rest area, as we are as big as the older truck at 63 feet long.

The truck area was set up for trucks. They had toilets and vending machines. There were some covered picnic tables. We used the facilities and then walked Nox to the welcome center. The welcome center was beautiful.

We walked around outside the Welcome Center, then I went inside to pick up some pamphlets.

We felt refreshed after our stop and headed back to I-10.

We crossed Lake Bigeux and then a levee as we drove along the causeway.

We drove through Lafayette and the RV park is just past Lafayette at Duson, LA.

We didn’t have any problems finding the RV a park.

The first impression was good and Bruce bought tickets to the park’s crawfish boil that started at 3:00 pm. It had been delayed due to the weather.

They guided us in and Bruce got out to look at the back in spot. After some conversation, they moved us from the back in spot to a pull through spot.

To get to the pull through, we had to leave the RV park and come back in as all the roads are one way. The one way is for all roads is to leave the park.

We easily got into the gravel pull through and then set up.

We headed over to the crawfish boil and enjoyed talking with the folks at our table while waiting for the crawfish to be ready.

Once the crawfish were ready, our table went silent except for the cracking of the crawfish shells.

It was nice not to need to cook after the stressful drive through the thunderstorm.

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