Broke Camp and Headed Out for an Overnight Stay at a Harvest Host in Mississippi

April 16, 2023

On Wednesday (April 12), we drove to the Oasis Travel Center down the road to fill up the truck with diesel. It is an amusing place and the Derailed Dinner has tasty food.

On Thursday (April 13), we started our checklist. While Bruce was outside, one of our neighbors stopped by and pointed out significant tire wear on the front driver’s side tire. It appears our front is out of alignment and the tires are wearing unevenly.

It didn’t feel safe to drive long distance pulling a heavy rig with a worn tire, so Bruce and I changed the front tire with the spare.

On Friday (April 14) morning, we finished our checklist and started heading out of Riverview RV Resort in Robertsdale, AL. We had to stop at the office to pay for our electric before leaving the RV park.

We took the entrance ramp onto I-10 and headed towards Mobile, AL.

We crossed the Mobile Bay on a very long bridge and then through a tunnel.

We rolled along I-10, passing the Mississippi Welcome sign. We decided to stop at the Mississippi Welcome Center and take a break from driving. Nox need a walk as well.

After the break, we continued down I-10 to Exit 50. We went the short distance to Fort Bayou Brewing Company and pulled into their backlot, parking next to the grass as they requested. This was our second Harvest Host stop.

They were not open when we arrived, so we didn’t have to worry about any other vehicles in the lot. The weather was perfect, which meant we were comfortable without air conditioning or heat.

The grass strip had some 10 to 14 foot tall trees. There were magnolias blooming.

We walked around the tap house and I took some pictures.

Once they opened, we headed inside for dinner and Bruce was eager to try their beer.

The hamburgers and fries were very good and Bruce bought a flight of beers. He enjoyed trying them and then ordering a pint of the one he liked best.

The owner came out and we spoke to him for a bit. Bruce started talking about beers with the owner and the next thing we know, the owner got a couple of samples different beers for Bruce. While they were talking beers, another gentleman stopped by our table and introduced himself and sat and talked with us (Bruce mainly) about beers.

When we got back to the RV, we let Nox out. As we were walking her, we realized a Class B (van) was parked behind us.

They were also using Harvest Host. They had a lovely big dog, that was just a sweetie. Bruce had picked up Nox when we saw the dog. Nox kept looking down since she wanted to play. We know better and kept Nox up and away from the large dog. We had fun talking to them about their travels. Then they said goodbye, as they were hungry and ready to go eat.

We had a lot of fun and if you are in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, I can recommend stopping at the Fort Bayou Brewing Company.

Magnolia Bloom

16 thoughts on “Broke Camp and Headed Out for an Overnight Stay at a Harvest Host in Mississippi

  1. The bridge is the Cochrane-Africatown across the Mobile river. It is an alternate route for trucks carrying hazardous cargo that can’t use the I-10 tunnel. While I have been to Ocean Springs, I have never been to the Fort Bayou Brewing Company!

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    1. The weather was a little wet in Mississippi, but in Baton Rouge, we drove through a major thunderstorm. It was dry on the other side of Baton Rouge. Bruce was driving at 30 to 40 miles an hour along with everyone else.

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  2. Okay Julia, curious minds want to know – what is your preferred type of beer? Light? Dark? Fruity? I know there are too many to mention but I do enjoy a cool & crisp on a hot day and a dark, almost chocolatey bittersweet brew in the winter. In front of the woodstove!

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    1. I love a very hoppy citrus flavored beer with some nice bittering hops in the summer. In the winter, give me a Guinness or another dark malty beer with chocolate undertones. Bruce would brew a dark malty beer with chocolate nibs that was fantastic. One of Bruce’s favorite beers is a double rye IPA. He loves rye, which I don’t care for that much.

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