Are the Parks Closed?

March 3, 2023

Bruce and I wanted to explore the east shore of the Mobile Bay area. I found some parks that got great reviews online.

We decided to ride the motorcycle and left Nox at home.

We rode through a cute little town, Dalphne, AL to get the May Day Park. When we arrived, we discovered the park was closed for construction.

Bruce reported the park was closed on Google maps and posted some of the closed pictures he took. If the park had been listed as closed, we wouldn’t have ridden 23 miles to get there. (The park is now showing permanently closed on Google maps.)

I told Bruce there were a couple of other parks nearby that we could check out.

We stopped at Belrose Park. It is a very small park with only two picnic tables.

Since Belrose Park wasn’t very big, we were able to see it in about ten minutes.

I suggested we continue heading north and check out Bayfront Park. This park had great reviews and the hiking trails sounded attractive.

We got there and the park was closed. They were working on the road into the park. I didn’t get a picture of the closed road since I was so disappointed. Bruce also reported this park closed and it is now showing as temporarily closed.

We stopped at a Publix near the park and Bruce bought us a couple of bottles of lemonade. They went down very nice and then we road back to the RV.

Nox was happy to see us and to get a walk.

While we didn’t get to experience two of the parks, we got to go on a nice motorcycle ride.

5 thoughts on “Are the Parks Closed?

    1. Yes, it was a shame. We went all that way and didn’t get to enjoy two of the parks. At least the information has been updated so someone else won’t find themselves in the same situation as we did.

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  1. Looks like it was a beautiful day for a ride anyway, and now the bike won’t feel neglected! And you were able to get to the water at the one park that was open, and it looks like you had it all to yourselves.

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    1. We did have the park to ourselves. If we’re just looking to have a picnic lunch, it would’ve been a nice enough place to stop. I was hoping to get on a hiking trail, but I did enjoy the ride.

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