Honey Bee Park in Robertsdale, AL

March 5, 2023

We looked on Google Maps to find more parks nearby after our disappointment in finding two parks closed along the Mobile Bay.

We thought we would stop at Gordon Coley Memorial Park, which is a veterans memorial park. It turned out there was no parking, so we didn’t stop.

Bruce pulled off into a parking spot just off the street to get directions to the next park, Honey Bee Park. Google Maps took us to a gravel parking lot. We noticed a trail and started walking south towards swings.

We walked a ways down the trail. It was level and in good shape. We saw Azaleas in bloom as we walked along the path.

We turned around after we reached E Silverhill Ave as it was the end of the trail.

We sat on one of the memorial swings and looked up Honey Bee Park. We determined that the park was ahead of us and that we had walked in the wrong direction, which was okay since we really wanted to do some walking.

We walked past the motorcycle and to Honey Bee Park.

Honey Bee Park is a small park with lots of walking trails and a memorial to those who lost their lives on September 11. There is a pavilion with some bench seating, but no tables.

Honey Bee Park has paved parking in the back, on the east side of the park. It would’ve been much easier to park the motorcycle on pavement instead of gravel. Bruce was annoyed with Google Maps for not taking us directly to Honey Bee Park and the better parking.

Honey Bee Park doesn’t have a playground. There is another park close by, Anna Belle Beverly Park, that does have a small playground.

The walking trail continues north past Honey Bee Park. We didn’t continue our walk past the park. Instead, we turned around and walked on a different trail back to the main trail to the motorcycle.

We then geared up and headed to Taco Fiesta Street Tacos for a late lunch/early dinner. It was a food trailer pulled into a barn like structure. The food was good. I got a taco and a burrito. The burrito was larger than I was expecting, but I still managed to eat it all!

We then rode home. Nox was happy to see us and wanted us to pet her. She didn’t seem to want a walk. We always take Nox for a walk before we head off without her. It lets her do Nox things and tires her out. She sleeps or rests most of the time we are gone.

11 thoughts on “Honey Bee Park in Robertsdale, AL

      1. Haha! Google Maps miss was misleading. They had the 98 on the cross of 98 and the Baldwin Beach Express. I looked at it a little closer and realized what was going on.

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  1. Regarding Google not taking you directly to the parking….that sure does happen often even to us when we travel in our outside of Italy. It got to the point where I now take note of the GPS coordinates with pen and paper (and I’ll even look on streetview to see what the place looks lik)e. Oh the joys of being ‘the Navigator’ on our trips!

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