Review of Riverview RV Resort in Alabama

March 1, 2023

Riverview RV Resort is a reasonably nice small park. It has paved roads and concrete pads. It has a few large pull-through sites. Most of the sites are back-in sites. They do have a number of sites that back up to the Styx River.

Their main attraction is a ramp to allow campers to get into the Styx River for tubing and a pavilion next to the river for campers to use.

The RV sites come with a concrete camping pad surrounded by grass. The campsites are fairly close together with no trees. It is well kept up and very clean.

They do have a large grassy area to walk dogs. It is not fenced in, so the dogs must remain on the leash.

Nox is enjoying the campground. There are no burrs. She gets to meet many other dogs. There is a walking trail in the woods.

The walking trail is short, but that is fine with Nox.

Nox Hanging with Me on Patio

3 thoughts on “Review of Riverview RV Resort in Alabama

  1. Julia,

    I thought that the River Styx name was familiar (from my Humanities course at Stevens Institute):
    The River Styx is a principal river in the Greek underworld (also called Hades). The river forms a border between the underworld and the world of the living. The word means hate in Greek and is named after the goddess, Styx.

    Since you’re now in the world of the living, I suggest that you don’t cross the river!!!

    OK, just kidding!



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