Getting the Motorcycle Running

February 26, 2023

On Tuesday, Bruce wanted to see if he could figure out why the motorcycle wouldn’t start on Sunday. My guess was the battery, but Bruce was afraid it was more than that. I am going to post what happened in Bruce’s Facebook post.

“After a bit of testing, we decided the battery on the bike was definitely bad, though that doesn’t seem to be the only problem. Even hooked up to one of the “house” batteries, the bike kept hesitating to start, with something making an unusual whining sound. I suspect something got too wet with all the rain at the last place, and is slowly drying out, as it seems to be getting easier to start each time. Anyway, now I have a new battery for it. I realized while working on it that the bike has just over 30K miles on it, and I hadn’t noticed when it rolled over. Maybe if I ride it backwards a couple hundred miles…
After getting the battery in a nearby town, we also did some grocery shopping, and then just drove around town a little. There are two farmers markets, so we’ll be back. The Piggly Wiggly is also better than most, and has a liquor store almost next door. Sometime soon I need to get a new tire for the bike, and I think I’m about due for an oil change, so if it hasn’t started running much more smoothly by then, I’ll have the shop check that too. We have time here.”

The motorcycle is running smoothly and we haven’t had any more problems with it. He hasn’t found a shop yet for the tire and oil change.

Random Picture of Motorcycle

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