Motorcycle Is Back after Service

March 16, 2023 Yesterday, Bruce drove Cliff the Big Red Truck to the motorcycle shop. While he was paying, I was looking at the jackets. Bruce’s winter jacket’s armor failed with no good way to replace it. He had been looking for a jacket online. I found a nice jacket I thought would work for […]

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Getting the Motorcycle Running

February 26, 2023 On Tuesday, Bruce wanted to see if he could figure out why the motorcycle wouldn’t start on Sunday. My guess was the battery, but Bruce was afraid it was more than that. I am going to post what happened in Bruce’s Facebook post. “After a bit of testing, we decided the battery […]

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What a Moving Day!

February 19, 2023 Our time at Blythe Island Regional Park in Georgia came to an end on Sunday, February 12. Saturday, it rained all day, so we couldn’t do our normal outside preparations. I did as much as possible inside to be prepared to leave on Sunday. We wanted to leave early on Sunday to […]

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A Sunny Day after Much Rain

December 16, 2022 We’ve had several days of rain, so it was a wonderful when it stopped raining yesterday. After one o’clock, we headed over to Flat Rock State Park in Columbus, Georgia. We decided to see some different trails. Bruce parked the motorcycle next to a trail. The trail is also a service road. […]

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