Moving on to Riverside RV Resort in Alabama

February 23, 2023

After our tour of the Tallahassee Automotive Museum, we checked on Nox. She was still fine in the RV, so we walked across the street to the Waffle House for a late breakfast.

We walked back to the RV and packed up. We walked Nox around before putting her in the truck.

We stopped to get diesel about 50 miles down I-10. Nox enjoyed looking around while we stopped.

Here are some pictures of the views along I-10. Some of the pictures didn’t turn out as well due to the reflections on the truck window.

We pulled off onto our exit from the interstate and turned down a two lane paved road to get to the campground. The campground entrance is next to another campground that we had to drive past. The entrance to the campground is a long one lane paved driveway.

The park owner came out and used a golf cart to take us to our spot. It was a back-in spot, but he allowed us to pull over the grass.

Bruce didn’t pull the truck forward enough to get aligned into the site. This meant he had to do some backing up and pulling forward to get the RV aligned to the site.

Once Bruce felt comfortable with the side-to-side alignment to the site, he had me watch to get the front and back aligned. The large utilities side slide had to be forward enough not to hit the pedestal.

Once all that was done, we did our arrival check list. Nox was happy to be home. After verifying everything was just so, she wanted a walk.

It is always a relief to get to our new destination safe and sound.

2 thoughts on “Moving on to Riverside RV Resort in Alabama

    1. We are heading west. We have our next stop at a Harvest Host in Mississippi, then on to Louisiana. We won’t get a chance to see the museum you’re recommending on this trip. I’ll keep the the Walter Anderson museum in mind.

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