Nox Had a Teeth Cleaning and Tooth Removal

January 13, 2023

We took Nox to the vet at 7:45 am yesterday for dental work and the removal of two growths.

Nox had a growth on her ear that was a skin tag. It was itchy at times and Nox would scratch at it.

There was also a lump on Nox left front leg. It seemed to be sore when touched. We wanted it removed since it was bothering her.

Nox had to have a tooth removed. Poor little dog.

The growth on her leg has been sent for lab work as it was not a simple skin tag.

Last night, Nox cried on and off. Bruce got up once to check on her. I got up at a different time to check on her. Nox wanted a pickup and a cuddle.

This morning, she seemed to be in great shape. She was happy to see us and to eat. We are soaking her kibble in water so she can eat her food while her mouth heals up.

12 thoughts on “Nox Had a Teeth Cleaning and Tooth Removal

    1. Yes, we had hoped we could leave off the cone of shame for some of the time, but she keeps licking her stitches. Her smile is bright and beautiful, even if other dogs think it is a growl.


    1. Haha! It is a fancy cone of shame that is easy to put on and take off. The vet said we can leave it off when Nox is right with us and we can stop her from scratching or licking. Otherwise, Nox has to wear the cone of shame. If she won’t stop licking her leg, I put the cone of shame on her.

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    1. Hopefully, we can remove it for good after 7 days. We remove it so she can eat and drink. As long as she’s not licking her leg, we leave the cone of shame off. We also take it off when we are walking her.


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