Trails End Campground in Florida

January 9, 2023

The Trails End Campground in Floral City, Florida has a state park feel to it. To get to the campground, you have to travel down a winding twisting roadwith 90 degree turns. The road is paved and in good shape, but it is narrow. Our rig had tires just touched the center line and just touched the side line. There is no paved shoulder.

The campground road is gravel, with some of the side roads being sand. The gravel roads are hard packed, with some pot holds in them. The roads in the campground are one lane.

The campground sites are mostly under trees. The campground has the feel of a state park. They have a boat ramp, as well as a pier with covered seating. They have one canoe and several kayaks that they will lend to guests. They also have life jackets and paddles to go with the canoe and kayak. I will be writing a post about the canoe later.

On one side of the pier is a cypress slough. The other side is the boat ramp and boat dock. The end is on the slow flowing Withlacoochee River.

The campground has wide, sandy trails in the woods. The woods are magnificent oaks, palm trees, palmetto palms, and citrus trees.

They also have a large dog park with shade. I have not taken a picture of the dog park yet.

The sites are packed gravel, with a concrete pad for camping usage. The sites have picnic tables. They do not have fire rings. In Florida, campfires need to be off the ground. This campground has a fire pit by the office surrounded by a beautiful patio. I

The negatives about this campground are very limited cellular capacity and burrs.

Both Bruce and I with our different phone carriers (Verizon and T-Mobile) only have one bar. The campground’s Wi-Fi is good enough for checking email and browsing the internet, but not for streaming.

Nox has managed to find some of the lentil sized round burrs.

15 thoughts on “Trails End Campground in Florida

  1. It looks like a lovely spot, and reminds me somewhat of the campground at St. Augustine State Park. The fire ring issue must depend on where in Florida you are. We had a fire ring at 3 of the 4 Florida sites where we stayed.

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    1. Interesting. We were told it was a state law. I wonder if it is a county law instead? I do see a lot of campers here with raised fire rings. It is an amazing spot and we are so happy to have discovered it.

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      1. You mean like an actual fire pit? That is very curious indeed. We were in state and national parks except for one overnight in a private…which we really regretted for a number of reasons! I am glad you are happy with this one–it does look like a good spot.

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      2. They told us the fire had to be off the ground. I see campers here with fire pits that are off the ground. Sometimes private parks can be horrible. We had a very bad experience with a KOA in Saint Mary’s Georgia.

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    1. The burrs aren’t too bad at this park. We’ve been in parks that had so many burrs that Nox couldn’t go 2 feet without picking them up. The bad cell service is the most disappointing thing about the park.

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      1. While en route from MN to AZ we stopped at some places along the way that had no good place for the dog to walk, just bad parking lots with broken glass, a lot of litter, and pricker things, etc. It was a relief when we got to our destination. I hope there is a way to boost your wifi so you can do streaming.

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      2. It is awful when you have to worry about where your dog has to step. I think broken glass is the worst. We are lucky we can pick up Nox and carry her past the broken glass. We purchased a device that should be here on Wednesday or Thursday to try and boost our signal.

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  2. I’ve kayaked on the Withlacoochee, although I don’t remember where – I do remember the alligator, and not being able to go very far because there was a tree across the river. It was beautiful, though. I guess Nox doesn’t give this campground a very good grade, with the burrs! I can live quite well with one bar and no streaming – that’s what I have at home, anyway. And I’d rather be kayaking…

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