New Veterinarian for Nox

January 5, 2023

Yesterday, we took Nox to a new (to Nox) veterinarian. Nox got her annual checkup and bloodwork. Nox’s bloodwork came back fine, so we got a 12 month supply of heartworm medicine and flea and tick medicine.

When we walked into the veterinarian’s office, Nox realized we were in a place she didn’t wanted to be in. She started shaking and shivering. We took turns holding her to try to comfort her.

Once we were put in the examination room, Nox was still scared. Once the vet and vet tech came in, Nox relaxed. She seemed to like the vet. The vet had gone through Nox’s medical records and asked if anything had changed.

Once all the poking, prodding, and sticking was done Nox was completely calm. It was if she knew it was all behind her.

After Bruce paid the bill, he asked Nox if she was ready to go to the truck. The ladies at the front desk were impressed with how Nox’s ears picked up when Bruce asked Nox if she was ready to go to the truck.

Nox with Florida Trim

13 thoughts on “New Veterinarian for Nox

  1. You forgot to describe the part where Brucè started shaking and shivering when he saw the bill and how you had to hold him and comfort him until his wallet was back in his trousers. 😀

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    1. We felt bad for her at the vet and we were glad she was calm by the time we left. She did feel bad later in the day after getting her vaccinations. She seemed to be back to normal by the end of the day though.

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