Driving Through a Gully Washer

September 9, 2022

When we left Franklin, Kentucky on Labor Day (September 5), the weather was overcast and pleasantly cool.

The scenery was beautiful as we traveled along I-65 south towards Nashville, TN.

We lucked out and there wasn’t much traffic in Nashville. I was so busy enjoying the view, I didn’t get any pictures. We took I-24 south in Nashville.

Once we were past Nashville, we drove into a storm. It was a heavy rain and I took some pictures of the it.

The rain got worse. We couldn’t see more than a quarter mile ahead. I helped Bruce watch for traffic since it was raining so hard. Bruce had the hazards on while we crawled through the gully washer.

It lightened up a bit and when we saw the rest area, we pulled in for a bit of a break.

Tennessee Rest Area

Bruce made a dash to the restroom due to coffee and I followed at a much slower pace due to my ankle.

We both got soaked and we were happy to turn on the seat heaters to dry off some.

Normally, we would take Nox for a walk, but we didn’t want her to get soaked. She doesn’t like the pouring rain. The look she gave us when we opened the truck doors to get in was amusing.

We continued on to Alabama. There was a sign for the state line and a short ways past, the Welcome to Alabama sign.

Fortunately, the rain had mostly let up and by the time we made it to River Ridge Retreat, it was no longer raining.

We drove along US 72 to AL 35, then we took a county road 67. County road 67 runs along Lake Guntersville and it is a beautiful road. The trees arch over the road in a green cathedral ceiling. I could see some of the leaves turning yellow.

Nox got her walk on the wet grass. She was happy to get dry and curl up.

We went out to eat and get groceries. On the way back to the RV, I took this picture of reflections.

Reflections in the water, the mirror, and the window

8 thoughts on “Driving Through a Gully Washer

  1. Driving through heavy rain is no fun, especially when the visibility is so bad you do not even feel like you can pull over due to worrying about people re ending you. Glad it worked out OK, It looks like your drive after that was beautiful, as is your current RV park.

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  2. Tennessee is very pretty. I have lived in South Alabama near the Gulf in my late 20’s. I really enjoyed living there back then. It has become more commercial but I really enjoyed visiting my retired parents back when Gulf Shores, Al. was still mostly unknown and not visited. It was lovely, especially after the rain.

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    1. I love how beautiful Tennessee and Alabama are. I keep hearing about Gulf Shores, but I have never been. I expect we’ll get there at some point. I had a great aunt that lived in Pensacola, FL and we visited her. It was so beautiful. I imagine Gulf Shores is similar.

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