Rig Weight

August 23, 2022

One of my blog friends asked about the weight of the rig. I thought instead of replying in a comment, I would do a post.

Dave and Tina Rayburn, Weighing Specialist proved a report after weighing the rig.

On the tow vehicle, Cliff the Big Red Truck, here is the axel measurement without the RV.

  • Passenger: Front 2,700 Rear 1,950
  • Driver: Front 2,750 Rear 2,000
  • Axel Wt: Front 5,450 Rear 3,950
  • Axel Rate: Front 6,000 Rear 9,750

Here is Cliff’s measurements with the RV attached.

  • Passenger: Front 2,800 Rear 4,400
  • Driver: Front 2,900 Rear 4,300
  • Axel Wt: Front 5,700 Rear 8,700
  • Axel Rate: Front 6,000 Rear 9,750

Here is the weight on the axels on the RV.

  • Passenger: Front 2,940 Mid 2,900 Rear 2,450
  • Driver: Front 2,700 Mid 3,000 Rear 3,000
  • Axel Wt: Front 5,650 Mid 5,900 Rear 5,450
  • Axel Rate: Front 7,000 Mid 7,000 Rear 7,000

Pin weight is 5,000 and it can take up to 7,500.

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