Getting the Total Rig Weighed

August 21, 2022

On Friday, we had the truck weighed. On Saturday, on our way out, we had the total rig (truck and RV) weighed.

First, we had to dump everything in our tanks. Since our campsite didn’t have a sewer hookup, we had to use the dump station.

Once Bruce dumped the tanks, he pulled the rig around to the Community Center parking lot. Along the way, I took some pictures of the flowers.

There was a short line at the weigh station. Here is the rig in front of us with the scales next to the RV.

They had us drive onto the scales and measured the truck weight with RV attached. Then, we pulled forward. They moved the scales to the RV and had us pull forward again. They checked the weight for each axel.

The good news, the truck and RV was very well balanced. The camp side was slightly heavier, but not significantly so. The truck axels and the RV suspension were well within tolerance.

They proved a sheet with this information a long with tire pressure recommendations from Firestone. We have Firestone tires on the RV.

After we had the rig weighed, we headed out Gate 2.

Gate 2

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