From the FROG Rally to Indianapolis, IN

August 23, 2022

On Saturday (August 20), after we had our rig weighed, we left the Elkhart Fairgrounds in Goshen, Indiana and headed west along US 20 to get to US 31. The exit to south US 31 was closed from West US 20 and we had to take a short detour to get turned around. We followed the detour signs, as well as Google maps. The RV Life GPS didn’t know about the detour, even though I downloaded the state map updates the night before.

We successfully turned around at an exit and went east on US 20 to the exit for south US 31. The drive to the south end of Indianapolis was without incident. We did see a horse and buggy on the US 31. I was to slow with the camera and didn’t get a picture.

When we reached our exit from I-465, we got on US 37 and the Lake Haven Retreat was supposed to be an easy left turn. It turned out significant road work is being done on US 37 and they had the turn closed. We went several miles and the RV GPS did not realize that we could not get turned around. We even tried one exit and found the north exit was closed.

I finally resorted to Google maps. We had to go down several small roads, but we made it safely.

I asked Bruce if the park had mentioned a better way to go while he was talking to them. The answer was no.

Once we were set up and he checked his texts, he discovered a text from the RV park that had been sent at 11:30 am. It had instructions on how to avoid the road construction. Sigh!

I was very stressed about getting us safely to the park. Bruce was stressed driving on roads we weren’t sure would be RV safe.

Once we were set up, it was much later than expected, since getting to the RV park took longer than expected. We decided to go out to get something to eat. We ate at a great taco place, La Charreria Taco House. Hmm, I want to go back now!

8 thoughts on “From the FROG Rally to Indianapolis, IN

  1. That is frustrating that you were doing the right things by downloading the map, etc, and still had trouble with the road construction and finding the right route. I am glad it turned out OK. The taco dinner sounds delicious.

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  2. My mantra when situations like this happen: We are not in a hurry. We are not in a hurry. Maybe add: We will reward ourselves with tacos. (or chocolate…) Reading this makes me so glad that what I drive is a 19′ van conversion! Would not want to have to be driving something that big, not knowing where I was going. I have, of course – I just prefer not to. (5th wheel four horse trailer with living quarters was not my idea of fun, but that experience means I understand why you big rig folks take the interstates!)

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    1. Bruce kept saying, no one is expecting us, so it doesn’t matter when we get there. There are definitely times I wish we had a smaller rig and that drive was one of them!


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