Lake Chicot State Park, Arkansas – Part 3 – Campground and Back Home

July 7, 2022

See for part 2.

Bruce hooked Nox into her car harness and cleaned up. He hoped to prevent poison ivy/oak from causing a rash.

We then drove through the campground in the state park. Along the lake shore, the campsites were back in sites and good for small RVs. I didn’t get a picture of the docks or piers.

There was a campground store by the boat ramp. Bruce said, “You know what they’ll have? Bug spray!” He parked and ran in and bought bug spray so we could avoid the mosquitoes next time.

The park has a beautiful swimming pool that cost $4 use.

This state park has a lot to do around water and camping. They had a section for larger RVs, but that loop was not on the water. You could easily walk to the water.

Here is a link to more information about the park.

We left the park and started home. We had noticed a sign on the way to the state park that pointed to a county park. We thought that might have some more hiking.

We turned onto the Causeway Road and cross the lake. We then drove south on 71, which was a patched mess of a road. This allowed us to see the eastern side of the lake. There were nice houses next to the water with boat houses, docks, and piers.

As we drove around the lake, we kept looking for the county park. At one point, we saw the RV park we are staying in across the lake. We could even see our RV. Bruce pulled over so he could safely look.

Just before we reached the south end of the lake, we saw the county park. It was an RV park. We did not stop as it was gated.

We continued around the lake and we saw the lovely bridge over the Mississippi River.

Here is some additional information about the bridge for those of you who enjoy bridges.

We drove past the south end of the lake and head north on the west side of the lake along Highway 82/Highway 65.

As soon as we got home, I opened the door to the RV. I got the dog shampoo out and the dog towels ready. Bruce got Nox out of the truck and brought her to me so I could wash her.

While I was washing Nox, Bruce took a shower using Tecnu(TM) to make sure he wouldn’t break out from the poison ivy/oak. I also washed Nox’s collar, her harness and her leash. After Nox was dried off, I hopped in the shower to wash with the Tecnu(TM). I also washed my hiking boots with the Tecnu(TM).

Our clothes went into the washer right after our showers.

Our preventative measures worked, we did not have to deal with a rash from poison ivy/oak.

7 thoughts on “Lake Chicot State Park, Arkansas – Part 3 – Campground and Back Home

  1. I am glad you both and Nox were none the worse for the poison ivy exposure. After 18 years here, I have been lucky to never have gotten exposed though it is all around us. The old Ben Humphreys Bridge over the Mississippi at Greenville-Lake Village was so beautiful. The first time I crossed after the new bridge was a bit of a shock!

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    1. I was so afraid we were going to have a rash, but we managed to avoid it. I know Nox got into it, crazy dog. The pictures of the old bridge look nothing like the new bridge. I can see why it was a shock. Lake Village is very lovely. I admire the beautiful pecan groves along the lake. We are enjoying our time here.

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      1. There is a lot of history in the town, as there is in Greenville. I am glad to hear you are enjoying the area. There are a number of interesting places in that part of the Delta. You are having a great adventure!

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  2. Julia,

    It’s interesting that you can cross the Mississippi River and stay in Arkansas. One of the web sites you referenced talked about a famous restaurant:

    Not only is Jones Bar-B-Que Diner in Marianna Arkansas’s first James Beard award-winning restaurant, the Southern Foodways Alliance says it’s the oldest continuously-operated, African-American restaurant in the South. Any person who enjoys good BBQ owes it a visit.

    I don’t know how far you are from Marianna, but it might be fun to visit if it’s not too far.

    Thanks for the tour.

    Liked by 1 person

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