Lake Chicot State Park, Arkansas – Part 2 – Hiking

July 6, 2022

See for the welcome center at the state park.

Bruce and I looked at the map of the state park. It was mostly an RV park with a short hiking trail. The trail head was just past the welcome center on the opposite side of the road.

The trail started off very promising. It was shaded and wide.

Nox was enjoying the smells and things seemed to going well. As we hiked the trail, we noticed in several places poison ivy/oak had crept onto the trail. Nox, bless her heart, proceeded to find some poison ivy/oak and got it all over her face and head, while sniffing it.

Poison Oak

We wound up paying so much attention to where we were stepping to avoid poison ivy/oak and trying to keep Nox out of more poison ivy/oak, that we couldn’t look at the woods. We would occasionally stop and look at our surroundings to enjoy the woods.

We came to a bridge over a dip. On one side of the bridge was a mud hole with animal footprints.

The mosquitoes found both of us to be delicious, so we started moving quickly to get off the trail. Nox trotted along with no trouble.

We still had to be careful to avoid the poison ivy/oak.

When we finished the loop, we were happy to get to the truck. Bruce put Nox in the car harness. He then washed up to prevent the poison ivy/oak that was on Nox from forming a rash on him.

The next installment will be about driving around the RV park and then driving home on the east side of the lake.

9 thoughts on “Lake Chicot State Park, Arkansas – Part 2 – Hiking

    1. I don’t know. I don’t think they are affected. I gave Nox a bath to get the poison ivy oils off of her so we wouldn’t pet her and get a rash. Bruce had the experience of catching poison ivy second hand from Nox already.


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