Santa Rosa Campground and RV Park Review

June 5, 2022

The campground was easy to get to as it was just a short distance from I-40.

It was a natural landscape for the area, dirt, gravel, dried grass and some trees.

The RV campsites were very close together. There was a picnic table on the camping side. The utilities were in the middle of the sites. The sites were long and gravel. They had clean toilets and showers in the women’s area. They also had a dog park, but Bruce said Nox was more interested in walking around, so he didn’t make her go into the dog park.

Here are some pictures of Santa Rosa Campground and RV Park.

Nox did find some burrs while walking around. We had to get them out of her fur around her paws. They weren’t nearly as nasty as the burs Nox found in Florida that were very sharp.

2 thoughts on “Santa Rosa Campground and RV Park Review

  1. Sometimes I forget what this country looks like…and how many times I picked up burrs in my socks. Still, it reminds me of many great trips to the area around where you are right now, so ‘thanks for the memories.’ 🙂

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