Random Things Bruce Does

April 9, 2023 First off, Happy Easter! Last week, Bruce decided to create a trip in RV Life with all our stops since we picked up our RV from Couch’s RV in Hamilton, Ohio. I helped with his madness by looking at my blog and telling him were we where during the trip. Would you […]

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Mars Acting as a Decoration

December 7, 2022 Tonight is the last full moon of 2022. Mars dangled from the bottom of the moon, a glowing point of light decorating the moon. Now, the alignment has moved some and Mars is to the side of the moon. I was unable to get good pictures tonight, so you will just have […]

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Party Animal

June 5, 2022 I realized I didn’t post a lot while we were in Golden, Colorado. I had plans with friends and family most days while we were in Golden. It was wonderful to catch up with friends and my daughter. I meet people for lunch and dinner. Some of my friends even cooked dinner […]

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Happy New Year!

December 32, 2021 Happy New Year to all my friends! For those of you who have heard about the wildfire in Boulder County, we are far away from that fire and safe. Yesterday evening, we could see the smoke rising into the sky in the north. We checked the news and saw that over 300 […]

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