April 14, 2022 Today, we drove up to Fort Mountain State Park with Nox to do some hiking. Fort Mountain State Park has several hiking trails. Bruce wanted to hike to the stone tower. The hiking brochure we had picked up at the Ellijay Welcome Center made it sound like we could go up to […]

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Visiting an Apple Barn

April 7, 2022 After we walked around the cidery, Bruce asked me where I wanted to go. I pointed across the highway and said, “I want to go there.” Bruce replied, “That’s easy enough. We can go on foot.” We walked over to B. J. Reece Apple House. They had some covered picnic tables with […]

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Visiting a Cidery in ElliJay, GA

April 7, 2022 A little way outside of ElliJay, GA, there is Reece’s Cider Company. They make hard cider. Bruce enjoys hard cider, especially if it is not too sweet. I enjoy more sweetness to my cider. We both enjoy hops in our cider. While I no longer drink alcoholic beverages due to the meds […]

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Not All Fun Times

April 7, 2022 We aren’t always doing fun things. Yesterday, Bruce took the truck to get the oil changed, fuel filter changed, oil filter changed, etc. While Bruce was handling the truck stuff, I finished entering the numbers for our taxes. To get the final numbers, I had to call to find out how to […]

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Nox Attacks

April 4, 2022 This is a post for Tom from “Within the K Streets”. A while back, he wondered what would happen when Nox encountered a palmetto bug. The following video tells the story.

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