Not All Fun Times

April 7, 2022

We aren’t always doing fun things. Yesterday, Bruce took the truck to get the oil changed, fuel filter changed, oil filter changed, etc.

While Bruce was handling the truck stuff, I finished entering the numbers for our taxes. To get the final numbers, I had to call to find out how to get the ownership tax on the RV that we paid last year. (Bruce was unable to find the paperwork on it.) Fortunately, the state emailed it to me.

Once Bruce got back, we filed our taxes for both the Feds and Colorado. I told him that I really felt like I had accomplished something.

Photo from Pexels

We did get out and walk around the resort. The weather was lovely and Nox enjoyed walking around with us. Once Nox was ready to go back home, Bruce and I checked out the inside of the lodge and bar.

It started raining in the evening, starting with a light rain. The rain turned into an intense thunderstorm. We lost power several times, but it came back quickly. Nox doesn’t like the growling world and needed to held until the thunderstorm passed.

Nox Asking to Be Held

11 thoughts on “Not All Fun Times

      1. Sam did, but he’s been gone years now. Abby (still with us) is much better now, but she would usually get on the bed with me or with son and then was fine. She was abandoned as a pup and outside a while, and in Mississippi, that generally means exposure to a thunderstorm.

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    1. I know weighted blankets work for some dogs. I know some of my friends use the an anxiety vest for dogs. We just have Nox cuddle up to us and she is happy.


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