What Was in the Woods?

April 29, 2022 Bruce took Nox out for her last walk tonight. Nox was very excited by some noises she heard in the woods. Bruce heard a branch breaking and then in the light from the flashlight, he saw two possums race out of the woods and climb another tree along the edge of the […]

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What?! Another Flat?!

April 26, 2022 On Friday, April 22, we planned to go to Bucks Pocket State Park. We decided to take Nox with us for the hike. Nox was super excited about going. She wanted to get to the truck so she could go with us. We were all set, we had Nox’s walking harnesses and […]

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Sunset on the Pier

April 26, 2022 I wanted to view the sunset from the pier, so Bruce and I walked the mile to pier. We did not take Nox as she was already tired. It was a beautiful orange gold sunset with a little bit of pink along the edges. We saw an Osprey skimming over the water […]

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New State Sticker for Maps

April 22, 2022 One of the things RVers often do, is get a map so they can put sticker of the states they have visited. Each RVer makes up their rules about when they can add a sticker. Our rule is pretty simple. We have to spend the night in the state in our RV […]

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Campfire at Sunset

April 22, 2022 Earlier this week, Bruce found a motorcycle shop with good reviews. He called them to set up an appointment to have them take a look at his motorcycle. The oil needs to be changed and the rear brakes need to be serviced. Bruce also wanted them to look at the front brakes […]

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What a Weekend!

April 17, 2022 Friday, we rode the motorcycle back to B. J. Reece’s Apple Barn and pick up a peck of Elite Crisp apples. We then rode into Ellijay for dinner at the Cajun Depot. I will just say I cannot recommend the Cajun Depot and leave it at that. Friday evening at Talona Ridge […]

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