Visiting a Cidery in ElliJay, GA

April 7, 2022

A little way outside of ElliJay, GA, there is Reece’s Cider Company. They make hard cider.

Bruce enjoys hard cider, especially if it is not too sweet. I enjoy more sweetness to my cider. We both enjoy hops in our cider.

While I no longer drink alcoholic beverages due to the meds I take to control migraines, I do take a sip of Bruce’s drinks occasionally.

Bruce bought a full flight of the cider, which was 5 tastes.

You can tell he enjoyed the cider and he enjoyed two of the flight enough that he bought two different bottles of cider.

Reece’s Cider Company also has an outdoor area set up with picnic tables and they have live music on the weekends. It rather reminded me of a beer garden.

Large Bottle of Cider

A bottle cost $20, but if you bring the bottle back, they will refill it for $15.

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