Tumbling Waters Nature Trail at Carters Lake in Georgia

April 12, 2022

Today, we decided to take Nox along with us on our hike. Bruce drove the truck from the RV park to the trail head for Tumbling Waters Nature Trail.

The trail head is in the same lot as the boat ramp. There were three picnic areas on the opposite side of the parking lot from the trail head.

Lake Near Boat Ramp with Picnic Area

The Tumbling Waters Nature Trail claims to be low to moderate difficulty. You have to be very careful about the exposed tree roots on the trail. I was glad I was wearing hiking boots.

There were many different wildflowers along this trail.

The cascade falls are beautiful.

We crossed the footbridge and hiked to an overlook. Part of the trail reminds me of an old drawing of the Natchez Trace. The trail is about four feet below the forest in two sections.

We hiked back along the creek, then up the slope to the footbridge. We hiked to the second overlook, then hiked back to the truck.

Nox was a real trooper and even got to enjoy meeting another friendly dog. She did find lots to smell and a couple of times went on the opposite side of a small tree than Bruce.

I saw a very tiny snake; it was about the four inches long, black with a yellow ring around its neck. I was so busy trying to get Bruce’s attention so he could see the snake, that I didn’t get a picture. The snake quickly wiggled under some leaves and I wasn’t going to move the leaves to find it.

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