Plans Fall Through, Dry Camping at a Rest Area on I-75

April 4, 2022

Since we only could get two nights at Victoria Campground, Bruce had reserved a month for us at another campground, Allatoona Landing Marina and Campground.


Bruce checked in an then we slowly drove to the spot. Kids wizzed past on bicycles, skates, and scooters as we made our way slowly around the loop.

We got to the back in campsite spot and Bruce pulled past it so he could get out and look at the campsite. The road was very narrow and trucks and cars were part way in the road.

At the site, there was a tree on the front left side of the pad, a post on the front right side, and a large yellow parking block on the right side along the road. The pedestal for the electric was at the back of the site, at the end of the pad.

Bruce got out to survey the site. He stepped off the site and said the RV would just barely fit, if he could back it up just right.

Bruce had a conversation with the guy in the next campsite over. The neighbor didn’t think we could get into the site. Bruce said he would try, but he didn’t think we could get in either.

After two attempts to get into the site, we pulled around to the exit. We saw several open sites that we would fit in and that we could get into.

Bruce went into the office and talked to them. All the sites were full, as they expected the RVers to come in later. They refunded our payment for a month.

This meant we had to find a new place to stay. Ideally, we wanted to stay in the same area. I looked on the Allstays app and found a rest area that we could stop at while I tried to find a campground.

It turn out several of the GA schools are on spring break, so the campgrounds were full. I couldn’t find one with an opening for the night. I was able to find a campground with an opening the next night and I got two weeks there.

Bruce checked the signs at the rest stop. At the entrance to the car section, there was a no overnight parking sign. The rest stop didn’t have a sign for no overnight parking at the RV parking section or the truck parking section. This was a huge rest stop.

The RV parking was wider than the truck parking, this meant we could put our steps down and our slides out on the camping side of the RV.

We decided to stay overnight at the rest area. We ran the generator to cool down the fridge. We still haven’t fixed the problem with the inverter. We also used the microwave while the generator was running to make supper.

We checked the weather and saw it was supposed to cool off overnight. We put Nox’s bed in our bedroom and got out a heavy blanket for us.

Nox got settled in her bed and Bruce put a towel over her so she would stay warm.

We had two RV neighbors that also stayed overnight in the rest area. Several of the trucks also stopped overnight.

We got up, got dressed, used the restroom, walked Nox, and left at 7:30 am. We had breakfast bars in the truck and we ate one each as I figured out our route with RV Life app.

We drove to the Super Walmart right near the campground. We went shopping while we waited for the campground to open. The route was along back roads and it was beautiful. We drove over hills with lake views. Along one of the roads, a creek ran alongside the road. As we got closer, the we found ourselves in the mountains.

Parked at Walmart

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