Talona Ridge RV Resort in Elijah, GA

April 4, 2022

After we finished our shopping at Walmart, we drove the half a mile to the new campground, Talona Ridge RV Resort. We are planning to stay here for two weeks.

This is a brand new campground and not all sections are open yet. They plan to have more sections open part way through the month.

Our campsite is huge. This park was designed with the big RVs in mind. They have a section for smaller RVs as well.

The campground has three levels and right now, only the top level is open. The views are stunning.

They have a pavilion with two grills and a fire pit.

They have a heated pool and a hot tub.

Swimming Pool

They have a stunning lodge and outdoor area attached to the lodge.

There is a bar in the lodge that is currently only open on Friday and Saturday nights. They also have live music on Friday and Saturday nights.

They have dog stations throughout the park and a large dog park in the lower section. Nox doesn’t seem to be that excited to walk to the dog park.

We enjoyed watching the sunset last night.

I am very happy where we’ve landed. I just have to find the next place for us to stay.

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