New Computer Desk for RV Arrived Today

November 8, 2021

This summer, as part of getting rid of things, Bruce sold the couch in the RV that pulled out into a bed. To us, it was not a comfortable couch, and it was a very lumpy bed when pulled out as a bed.

Our plan was to put another desk in the RV in the empty slide. In the meantime, we turned the empty slide into Nox’s space.

We wanted a desk that would allow Nox’s bed to fit underneath.

Since I am working full-time from the RV, getting the desk became a priority. We checked at IKEA, but they were out of the build-your-own desk parts.

We looked at Home Depot and Lowe’s. We also looked at some furniture stores. Finally, we turned to Amazon.

Bruce did a search and found several desk that would work. While I hoped for a grey desk, I went with a black desk.

It came today and Bruce put it together. I helped him set it into place. Nox’s bed went under the desk.

I then moved my computer equipment over to the new desk. I rolled my chair across the room and sat down. I put my throw over my legs and Nox came over and lay on the throw at my feet. Later, she climbed into her bed.

I am pleased with how the set up works right now.

Here is Nox’s bed under the desk.

Are you taking another picture?

12 thoughts on “New Computer Desk for RV Arrived Today

      1. Yes, I am really enjoying it. It works great for me, and I love having Nox at my feet. Bruce has moved his computer equipment to the built in desk, clearing the breakfast bar. That is a huge win in my book. The RV looks so much neater.

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    1. The cup holder was a great addition. I didn’t even think about it when we ordered the desk. I was focused on enough space for Nox and enough space for me. I also wanted something that would blend in with the RV decor.

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    1. Miss Nox is enjoying being able to sleep at my feet again. It is a fancy chair, but I have no hope of flying F-18 from it. Well, maybe online I could even fly the Starship Enterprise!


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