Just Ouch! How Can I Walk Into RV?

November 12, 2021

Yesterday, Bruce and I were getting ready to put the insulated ends onto our heated water hose. I put on my jacket and hat. My hat was getting blown off by the wind, so I was leaning down to keep the hat from blowing off. At the same time, I was adjusting the hat tie so the hat wouldn’t blow off and I was walking around the rig. I should have stopped walking and just fiddled with my hat, but noooooo, I thought I could do both.

I made the turn to soon and walked right into the front of our rig, hitting my forehead hard enough that I saw black. I couldn’t move, it hurt so bad. I heard myself making a keening sound. Bruce heard it as well. He came running around the rig to see what had happened. I was able to grit out, “I hit my head.”

He helped me to the picnic table, so I could sit down. He gently took off my hat and looked at my forehead. He said, “I don’t see any blood. There isn’t any bruising. You do have a lump in your hair. I don’t want to touch it. Do you want to go inside and sit or lie down?” At this point, the intense pain was starting to fade and I told him, “Just let me sit here for a bit, and I’ll be able to help.” Bruce sat with me until I was able to get up.

Once we finished getting the insulated ends onto our heated water hose, I went inside and just sat for a bit. I did take a couple of Aleve(TM). They did a great job of knocking out the pain that I had knocked into my head.

Yes, the joke’s on me, walking into an RV should be through the open door!

I walked into this side of the RV, past the slide.

14 thoughts on “Just Ouch! How Can I Walk Into RV?

  1. I hope you’re ok. My husband always hits his head on one of our slide-outs. He has a bump cap he inserted into a hat to wear whenever he is working on the camper outside. It came in handy again today; he hit is head but no real injury. About a year ago, he did it and required stitches. That’s when he came up with the bump-cap idea. It is an insert made for ball caps that acts like a hardhat. He wears it in a different kind of hat, but it works great. All of this to say I’m sorry about the head; it seems to be a common problem. Thank goodness no blood!

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      1. He says that is brother gave it to him, but they are available on Amazon and Home Depot. You can buy the shell insert to put in the hat of your choice or a shell/ball cap combo. I’m short enough that I can walk under many of the things that cause him great pain. And yes, two trips ago he had to have stitches in Wyoming because he hit the corner of a slide-out. The bump cap has already saved him a massive headache and perhaps stitches this trip. He keeps the hat by the door so that he remembers to wear it. After all, it doesn’t help if it isn’t on!

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      1. I was in our new RV measuring some things, with a paper on the table to write down info. I kept bumping me head on the light hanging over the table….EVERY time…about 5 times! That did not result in an injury, but you would think I would have figured that one out! Hope your head is back to normal soon.

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    1. Yes, indeed, with everything so close inside the RV, I’ve been trying to pay more attention to what I am doing. I really need to do the same outside the RV. I am feeling much better.


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