Moving Day, Back to Dakota Ridge RV Park

October 29, 2021

On Wednesday, we packed up the RV and moved it from Denver Meadows RV Park to Dakota Ridge RV Resort Park.

With the cold weather, we don’t expect the loud live bands from across the street at Dakota Ridge RV Park to be a problem. We were also delighted to find that Dakota Ridge’s rates in the off season are significantly cheaper then Denver Meadows.

We have checklist that we have modified from Changing Lanes, Hettish World, and a Riverstone checklist from a Riverstone forum.

Nox was nervous as we moved around the rig taking things down and putting things away. She was fine after a bit, and curled up in her bed. When we started bringing the slides in, she didn’t mind the bedroom or the kitchen slides coming in. I held her as we brought in the living room slides; she was very nervous about those slides coming in.

I walked Nox while Bruce started to disconnect the utilities. He had the sewer hose put away. But he wanted help with the water hose and the electric line. Nox must have felt the excitement in the air, she was staying close. Since Bruce wanted some help, I put Nox in the truck with the windows down and she happily curled up on her seat.

Before we started the truck up for lining it up for hitching, we put Nox’s travel harness on her and latched her in.

The hitching process went fairly smoothly and we left the park just after 11:00 AM. Bruce took wide turns as we left and the RV was pulled along without any problems.

We took I-225 to I-70, then we exited I-70 onto Colfax Ave, and then drove the short way to the Dakota Ridge.

I waited in the truck with Nox while Bruce got the paperwork. The park had a guide who took us to our spot and helped us get parked. Setting up took us about an hour and thirty minutes.

Looking at the RV from the Tin Cup Open Space Behind the Park

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