RV Neighbors Find Raccoons in Basement

October 27, 2021

On Sunday, we were outside moving items around in our storage in the RV’s basement to be better organized. One of our neighbors walked by with a spray bottle, spraying the road. Bruce jokingly called out, “Are you disinfecting the road?”

The neighbor and his wife stopped to talk to us. They had two raccoons get into their RV’s basement. They had spare dog food in a container that had a screwed on lid. The raccoons unscrewed the lid and ate the dog food. They also tore open plastic bags with other items.

Our neighbor was spraying ammonia in hopes of discouraging the raccoons from returning. They have a new Class A RV (motor home) and could not find where the raccoons got in.

Bruce and I learned from their encounter with the raccoons. Raccoons can open screw tops and bins. They can chew through plastic. We now know we should not put any food in the basement.

Raccoon at the RV Park

4 thoughts on “RV Neighbors Find Raccoons in Basement

  1. I keep a spray bottle of ammonia and water and spray about our travel trailer, too. It can keep mice away, too. We have learned so much in our three years of having a travel trailer. Enjoy your day!

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