West Side of Sand Creek Park

September 18, 2021

Last weekend, Bruce wanted to see where the trail went from the west end of Sand Creek Park, in Aurora, Colorado.

From the parking lot, there is a walkway that provides a great overlook for the ponds.

I took some pictures of the playground.

We hiked on the north side of the creek to the west along a detour, as construction was being preformed along the south side of the creek.

This was not a very interesting walk and I wouldn’t recommend it for views. The path was gravel, fairly level, and dog friendly.

Nox became tired and had to be carried back. She seems to enjoy the backpack.

Nox Ready to Go to the RV

10 thoughts on “West Side of Sand Creek Park

  1. What brand of pack it is? We bought a sling a few years ago for our elderly dog, but it was uncomfortable to carry the added weight to the front or side. I think the back would be better, and my current elderly dog is small, like Nox.

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    1. While the backpack works, it isn’t as adjustable as we would like. Nox seems to love it. It is mesh, so she stays cool. She loves looking around and if the wind is blowing, she loves facing the wind.

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      1. Our dog Garnet is pretty shy; I’m not sure she’d want to look out the top. Maybe she’d lay at the bottom and look out the mesh. How comfortable is it to wear?

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