Triple Creek Area in Aurora, CO

September 11, 2021

Bruce and I have been hiking the various trails in Aurora, CO. We picked up a map of the trails from the Aurora History Museum and between it and Google Maps, I selected the Triple Creek hiking area. It looked nice, with trees and open meadows. It also had a very nice trailhead to park the truck in.

The High Line Cannel Trail from Star K Ranch Open Space continues through the Triple Creek Area. The Sand Creek Greenway Trail also continues through the Triple Creek Area from the Star K Ranch Open Space.

The trails are not clearly marked from the trailhead, so we just picked a trail off we hiked. Nox was thrilled to have lots of new smells. The trails were dog friendly.

The trail we took carried us along the top of a golf course. The trail by the golf course appeared to be an old bike path. It was asphalt and in poor shape. The rest of the trails were in great shape.

Surprisingly, the creeks were dry, at least where we hiked. We didn’t see any wildlife and the flora was mostly cottonwoods, prairie grasses, wild sunflowers, marsh plants, and cattails. The trails are mostly level and concrete.

We took another trail that lead us along 13th Avenue, to the Aurora Sports Park, North Fields. The fields were full of children playing soccer or waiting to play soccer.

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