Nox’s New Backpack

July 4, 2021

I ordered a backpack to carry Nox in after the long walk that hurt her footpads. Her footpads have recovered, but we have learned our lesson. We will now take the dog backpack with us and when she seems to get tired, into the backpack, she will go.

We took Nox on a short walk in the backpack and she seemed to enjoy it. She likes being up high so she can see things. Riding in the backpack meant she could indulge in seeing the world from on high.

She still has the hotspot on her foot, so we are planning to take Nox to the vet after the holiday weekend. We want to make sure there isn’t anything else wrong with her foot.

15 thoughts on “Nox’s New Backpack

  1. That is very spiffy. When I read the title of this post I thought you had bought Nox a backpack for her to carry her essentials (and maybe a beer for, you know, trail emergencies) but it turns out Miss Nox is the cargo not the bearer. Smart girl.

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    1. Yes, if she was a larger dog, we would want to use a stroller for her. I see people using strollers for their dogs and the dogs look like they are enjoying it.

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      1. Our dog was blind and deaf and he needed to smell my scent to feel secure. So when we steered upwind, he felt lost. Downwind, he was comforted. The backpack is even better! Nox will always smell your scent. I just couldn’t handle that for very long.

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      2. Before Luna and Nox, our previous dog become blind and deaf. She was fine in the house and backyard. She knew everything there and would even run after squirrels. She was unhappy when we went on walks because it wasn’t familiar. I just didn’t realize we could use a stroller for her.

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      3. Our Jazz was courageous and walked so well that we sometimes forgot he was blind! He was very trusting. But the worse he got, the more anxious he got on the car. I had to hold him the entire way, no matter how long the trip. I sure miss him.

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  2. Great idea! You will get a lot of use out of it. We have the one I made for our dog from an old denim skirt, plus I have also used my regular backpack. We had used my backpack in March of 2020 when we went to Catalina Island, to take Lyla on the Ferry Boat over. It worked great.

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