Nox With a Cone of Shame

June 28, 2021

Last week, we noticed that Nox had licked her right front foot so much that she had a “hot spot.” That is, she had licked a spot on her foot raw; she has a red and slightly swollen spot on her foot. To keep Nox from licking the hot spot, we first tried to use a cone we left over from a surgery that Luna had. That cone was too small; Nox could still get to her foot and lick the hot spot.

We went to PetSmart(TM) and bought a bigger cone of shame and a cream for wounds. The cone works much better than the original cone that we tried to use. The cream seems to be helping.

We thought the new cone was large enough, but it turns out it wasn’t. Nox is a clever little dog. She figured out that she could get to her foot, even with the new cone. She determined that if she sat up and stuck her foot out, she could lick her foot. In less than one day, the hot spot is raw again.

So today, before lunch, Bruce bought an even larger cone so she can’t lick her foot. We needed a cone large enough that her nose didn’t stick out.

This cone is to small for Nox. She can still get to her foot.

Here’s a couple of pictures of Nox in her new cone.

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