Early Morning at the Dakota RV Park

May 1, 2021

This morning, as we took Nox for a walk up the ridge, we were serenaded by meadowlarks. I love their flute like song. One of meadowlarks perched on top of the rock ridge and I was able to get a few pictures before he flew off.

I was looking around the outside of RV right before we were planning to head back to the house to do some more work.

I happened to look back and there was Nox at the door watching something in the distance. When Bruce went to get her leash, Nox started watching Bruce.

Bruce opened the drawer in the step that has the dog stuff in it and took out the leash. He put the leash on Nox and we walked to the truck. Our paring spot in the RV park is to short to have the RV and truck in it. We can’t park the truck sideways, as there is a light pole and a metal sign pole blocking us, so we have to use the other parking provided by the park.

I thought I’d provide a quick update and share the cute pictures of Nox before finishing up the painting on the guest bedroom and starting to pack.

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