Backyard Visitors Excite Nox

April 28, 2021

This morning, as Bruce was walking by the French doors on the way to the kitchen for coffee, he happened to look into the backyard. What he saw caused him to freeze.

He said, “There is a duck on the outdoor kitchen.” I got my phone ready to take pictures and I slowly stood up and looked out the window. Bruce said, “the male is over to the right.”

I took some pictures from the window, then I slowly walked to the French doors, as I didn’t want to scare the ducks. Nox, seeing that both of us were looking the French doors, trotted over to look as well.

Nox was impressed with the ducks and tried to convince us to let her out the French doors. When she realized that wasn’t going to happen, she headed to her dog door. Bruce made her halt while he put the slide into her door to keep her from going out.

This left Nox only able to see the ducks from the French doors.

Nox started whining about the ducks, so I got up to see what the ducks were doing. The female was sitting on the outdoor kitchen. As I watched, she got up and flew to the ground.

The ducks left soon after. I didn’t see them leave as I sat down and started working again. Nox got very excited, so I stood up and looked out the window. The ducks had left the yard.

I removed the slide cover over Nox’s door and she tore out at great speed to check the backyard for the intruders. Nox spent a great deal of time sniffing the grass were the male duck had been. After she was satisfied that the ducks were gone, Nox pranced back into the house.

4 thoughts on “Backyard Visitors Excite Nox

  1. You should have released Nox the Kraken sooner so she could start polishing up her hunting and self-defense skills. You’ll need her as a watchdog (not a watching dog) when you head down the road. Plus that duck would be good on the BBQ.

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