Relaxing at the RV

April 25, 2021

Just a very quick update as the countdown to retirement continues.

Since Bruce discovered Facebook Marketplace, we been downsizing at an amazing clip.

Our barrister style bookcases are gone (two were bought by my friend Jeanne), the kegerator is gone, the two futons are gone, as well as a bunch of other stuff.

Weโ€™ve signed all our docs with a realtor and drone footage was taken today. The carpets are scheduled to be cleaned tomorrow.

At the end of a very long day, we headed over to the RV and Nox seems to be comfortable.

13 thoughts on “Relaxing at the RV

  1. Your house is looking very empty. When we moved in the summer of 2019 were able to get rid of a few things that were not good enough or sale or donation by putting them in the alley at my sister-in-laws house in Minneapolis. They were gone the next day.

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