Getting the RV Tag

April 1, 2021

I checked to see if we could get our RV tag online. We couldn’t apply for our RV tag online, as we had bought our RV out of state. The paperwork needed to get the tag was the bill of sale, the title, and a VIN verification form. Bruce took over getting the tag once I found out we couldn’t apply for it online.

We had the bill of sale and the title. Bruce just needed the VIN verification completed. He called the number on the Jefferson County website to get to a law officer to come out and inspect the VIN. He got an agreement from the sheriff’s office that someone would call on March 23 to come out for the VIN verification. Bruce then set up an appointment to get the tag on March 26.

Just after we had finished eating lunch on the 23th, Bruce got a call saying the someone would be out to inspect the VIN in about 30 minutes. Bruce grabbed his jacket and keys, and headed over to the RV park.

He was expecting a JeffCo deputy, but instead a couple of police officers from the City of Golden came out to inspect the VIN. The police officers pulled into the entrance of the RV park and had just started looking for the RV, when they turned around to leave. Bruce ran over waving and said, “I’m here!” One of the officers said, “We have to go. We just got a call. We’ll call you and we’ll be back later.” They drove off.

Bruce waited at the RV for the call from the police. They called a bit later and came right out. The officers admired the RV and Bruce told them about the garage and taking his motorcycle. One of the officers rides, so they had a fun conversation. (Bruce never meets a stranger.) One of the officers filled out the paperwork and Bruce was all set for his tag appointment. (So Bruce thought.)

Bruce needed to be on time for his appointment on March 26 to get the tag. The office was not letting anyone who was over five minutes late in. They also weren’t letting anyone in before their appointment time.

Bruce carried the paperwork into to the office. After reviewing the paperwork, it turned out the police officer had filled out an earlier version of the VIN verification form and had put 2020 as the year for the RV. The RV is a 2021. Bruce was provide the correct form and they let him make an appointment for March 31st while he was there.

On March 29th, Bruce got up and went to the RV with Nox. He called the number on the JeffCo website. That morning another police officer came out. The police officer filled out the form that Bruce had been given.

On March 31st, Bruce made it to his appointment with the correct paperwork. He got the tag and the title moved to Colorado. It turned out that the title needed to be changed to be held with right of survivorship. Since I wasn’t there, they gave Bruce another form that needed to be filled out.

He has to go back with the title and form. He’s got another appointed in two weeks to get the title changed.

A View of the Jefferson County Office Building from the RV Park

5 thoughts on “Getting the RV Tag

  1. What a go-around!

    On a brighter note, John informed me I’ve been in Golden!! I was telling him about your getting the RV, storing it, and driving it to CO when the weather was better. He asked where you lived. He said we went to a train museum there on Halloween of 2015. I have a photo of John looking at an engine, and that’s the only one I took. I would include the picture, but I don’t know how to do that in a comment.

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    1. We live in the Applewood neighborhood in Golden. The train museum is a stellar attraction and I highly recommend it! The Coors Brewery tour is fun as well.


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