Covering the Steps in the RV

March 29, 2021

Nox frightened Bruce and me when she slipped on the RV stairs and fell behind them when we went to check on the RV after the big snow. While Nox wasn’t hurt and didn’t seem to mind the spill, since she landed on her feet behind the steps, Bruce and I agreed we didn’t want Nox to take another tumble. It might not come out as well.

I wanted to cover the steps with carpet to make them less slippery. Bruce measured the steps so we would know what size covering to buy.

A few weeks ago, Bruce joined Good Sams (TM) and as part of signing up, he got a $30 coupon to Camping World. We had noticed Camping World had carpet coverings for steps. Last Thursday, on our way to the RV, we stopped in at Camping World to buy some carpet coverings. I picked the grey carpet coverings, as they went with the floor in the RV. (It was also the only color they had that would fit the steps.) Bruce got to use his coupon, which made him happy because he was saving money when buying the step covers. One of the step covers purchased was a welcome mat and the rest of the covers are carpet.

The step cover wraps around a step. To hold a cover on, it has four grommets on one side and the other side is adjustable; it has four grommets in sets of three. There are four springs to attach the two sides together. You can see this in one of the pictures below.

On Sunday afternoon (March 28), we headed over to the RV. After unloading the truck, Bruce took Nox for a walk while I put things away. After everything was put away, I decided to put the carpet covers on the steps.

The steps were covered with a clay dirt, formally known as very slippery mud, I had to do some cleaning before I could put the step covers on.

Once the steps were clean, I unwrapped the mat cover and wrapped it around the top step. I was getting ready to put the next cover on when Bruce arrived back at the RV with Nox. Bruce tied Nox’s leash to the picnic table. Bruce sat at the picnic table and talked to me about the step coverings. (He didn’t stay seated long.)

Bruce felt putting the mat on the bottom step instead of the top step would work better. I wasn’t sure the carpet covers would fit the top step since it is wider than the other steps. After checking, Bruce determined the carpet covers would fit the top step.

Bruce also determined it would be easier to put the step covers on if we lifted the steps when putting the springs in the grommets. He would first lower the steps, I would put the carpet on a step, and then Bruce would raise the steps to allow us to easily get to the springs and grommets.

We removed the mat from the top step and put the mat on the bottom step (or step by the ground). Then, we put a carpet cover on the top step (the wide step by the door of the RV). One of the steps has a handle on the back to allow someone to pull the steps down. The handle got covered when we wrapped the carpet around the step. We plan to go back and cut the carpet so we can get to the handle.

I was pleased with the look and best of all, Nox was a lot more stable when she bounded up the steps into the RV.

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